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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


You guys remember eirey (irish boy) from the summertime? lets just say i may have brought him to the dark side. im 18 now, so i suppose i can talk bout my sexcapades. he was giving me a ride home, and we talked about girls and sex and stuff- i decided to tell him how unattractive my school is in the gay male department- he just nodded and kept driving. sadly i got out of the car feeling sad having lost another opportunity. the end.

oh wait. no its not. so- all of a sudden he has some tutoring he needs to go to, but i could save him money if we just talk about his work at my place. we go in. he talks about how amazing my bed is. i jump over onto it. he follows. i flip him over and kiss him. i moved downward. we kept going till he was done- then he left quickly so he wouldnt have to do anything for me. shitty luck. but mikey's pretty damn addictive. i expect to see him around again... and again... and again.

peace, love... more love.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

holy crap, my brain just exploded. i FINALLLLLY am done with all my craptastic commitments, and im back with you guys. First things first- its to everyones blogs. but before i enture any further into the land of internets, i'll give you guys a little update. Already got into a few schools, had some interviews, and wrote 10000000 essays. ive been mostly bored with the boys at my school until recently, and there is little to no improvements in that field. ive been sticking with my talents, thinking a lot, and sleeping more than the other two combined. so. what'd i miss?

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hey guys, well since mikey2 is very busy w/ college applications, hockey, play, volunteering, zen study n other recreational activities i'm putting up another post. n i'd like to dedicate this to a friend of mine who had the courage to come out this week.
have you guys ever been w/ someone that kinda changed who you are a lil bit but in a good way? y'know cuz there was this guy n he was so much different than me n everything was new n exciting. i loved spending time w/ him. he was impulsive in a way i'm not, never hid his feelings, introduced me to some bands... he was like a breath of fresh air n all of a sudden i found myself doing stuff n going to places i wouldn't normally go. he taught me to be bold, to take things easier, not to worry so much. that life is too short. he taught me to live in a fuller way n to say "fuck this" once in a while. as a result i put a lot of things into perspective n reevaluated my life, who i was, who i can be n what i can do. i became more accepting of others n of myself, less judgmental n learned to do stupid stuff once in a while n that that's fine too.
n that's what i'm thankful for. have you ever been w/ someone that changed you like that, or have you ever changes others?
btw i loved that chat we had the other day.
all the best to all of you, all the best to my friend.
guest contributor

"be courageous n be brave
n in my heart you'll always stay
forever young"

"over the town" by chagall

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rio - my pics

Hey guys,
First of all, for all you guys who took part in the contest this has nothing to do w/ it. I haven't won anything, I'm just here as a contributor.
So now how about I take you guys around my neighbourhood? A while ago I went around taking pics n I'd like to share some:

So these ones are of the way I take to ride my bike. It goes along this huge beach. Funny thing (you guys are gonna hate me for this) summer is coming here while winter is coming up there. Also I'm already in daylight saving time so I'm 2h ahead of ET n soon your daylight saving time is gonna end n I'll be 3h ahead of ET. Well back to my bike, this red painted side road is the "ciclovia" which starts in a residential area n goes into this protected wood area.

This is the rain forest. I believe Rio has the largest forest inside a city. But it is decreasing cuz of urban area increase. I've gone there a few times for hiking but sadly it's impossible to camp, the woods are too dense n the terrain is too steep. It's incredibly humid but some tracks take you to very high mounts w/ amazing view. You can also go hang gliding (someday I'll work up the nerve to do it).

This beautiful view is my way to work. See that bridge down there?

N finally a lil social aspect of class inequality. See the slums along side some big houses in the mount, Brazil has one of the highest social gaps in the world. The middle class is only 25% of the population against, what I think is, 85% in America. The statisticians say that Brazil is an Africa w/ a Belgian in the middle (statistically the middle n upper classes are similar to the Belgians n the lower classes are similar to Africans).The slums are also where things get dangerous, they're home to drug trafficking, drug lords n gang wars w/ AK47s.

But in these last decade things have been improving, thanks largely to a more stable economy (our stock market had a huge rally, we avoided the global crisis completely cuz here it's illegal to trade mortgage-backed securities or ABS... n Brazil's GDP might grow something like 5%) hey we're part of the BRICs.

Well I guess this is it. Thanks for coming. See ya soon.
guest contributor
P.S: All these pics are mine.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hey guys- ive been missing the old dynamic. im gonna get started with a contest.

all you have to do is be a reader or commenter on this site, have something to say, and want the whole world to hear you.

i know- all you want to know about is THE PRIZE!
First place: you win a weekly column on my blog for the whole world to see. no registration, no set-up, no hassle. just a few emails or pms.
Second place: you win a one-time post on my blog, good for one month after winners are declared.
Third place: wins a paragraph blockquote in one of my blog entries, good for one month, just like second prize.
Honorable Mentions: win a couple sentences in the next entry after winners are declared.

How to enter: tell me how you would use the opportunity to tell the world something, with no strings attached. whether in formspring, forum, comment, or pm. BE SURE TO TYPE "mikeytoo's contest" SOMEWHERE IN YOUR ENTRY!

The Fine Print:
("Mikeytoo" consists of the author pseudonymous as Mikeytoo, any judges he employs, site administrators of, and anyone employed, as an employee or volunteer, under the name "Mikeytoo".) Mikeytoo reserves the right to change any rules/conditions/times/dates/acceptance criteria without any prior notice to participants, spectators, guest judges, administrators, or moderators("users"). Participants agree that any information, intellectual property, and any statements made are on the public forum and therefore can be used by Mikeytoo. Participants may "opt-out" or terminate participation by deleting any post or comment, or sending a private message/email with the wanted redactions included. Mikeytoo is not affiliated with "BDNY", "BDNYNation", or any of their affiliates. The author takes full responsibility for their words and any formal charges brought forth involving these words. Mikeytoo intends to keep privacy and confidentiality as well as customer satisfaction its highest priorities, but accidents happen; should you be dissatisfied with any actions taken by Mikeytoo, contact it privately. Mikeytoo reserves the right to terminate a participants participation in the contest for any reason without prior notice to any "users". (You do not own content submitted to this contest, but are responsible for requesting redaction/withdrawal in a timely manner if you wish your application redacted/withdrawn from consideration)... NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

About a hug

A few of days ago Mikey invited me to comment here, that just goes to show you that he's a really generous n selfless guy. We were chatting about the different aspects of hugging, yeah hugging, go figure... n he thought that'd make a nice post. I hope he hasn't totally regretted it... Mikey is a pretty big hugger but I, on the other hand, like being hugged better, I'm the opposite. It's just that I like it when a big guy completely envelops me, I like the weight, the warmth (not just physical), the feeling of beloging n fitting in that right spot.

You feel protected, sheltered n also powerless but it's a good powerless, giving up power to someone you trust is exhilarating. It's kinda like you were in a rollercoaster, you just surrender, have fun n trust that everything will be all right. The truth is that you're not really giving up power but that they're so attentive n kind n caring that you feel like you're in the centre of the world (at least their world, which is pretty great). What an awesome feeling! N the opposite is also true, their hug is so huge that it surrounds you completely n they become your world.

I'm not a fem n I don't fit the gay stereotype either but I know there are heterosexual tensions in homosexual relationships. But hey, there are straight guys wo like being dominated by women n that doesn't make them less of a man. It's a fetish like many others but it's also much more. It's also about closeness, being ther for each other, intimacy, trust n acceptance.

A hug is more intimate than a lot of things, even a kiss, imo. Western culture is pretty much about individuality n "personal space". There's inhibitions, shyness n we think that tenderness is a weakness, that being sentimental is silly. We're also afraid of not being hugged back, that we won't be correponded so we don't put ourselves out there.

N this computer stuff doesn't help either. I think that's why teens today hug waaay more than they used to, they miss human touch. That's a good thing. Plus ppl are always doing massages n shiatsu n stuff not cuz they need massages but I think cuz they need human touch yeah so now you gotta pay to be touched.

But I think we gotta put ourselves out there more often (at least I do). We think we can retain power n be strong n all that but I read somewhere that to gain power you gotta give it up first n it's true. For example, think of a singer, he goes to thousands of ppl n sings n opens his heart out n says very intimate, personal things n what he gets? lots of fans, respect n love back. He doesn't lose but gains power.

There are lots of things that we can say are hugs like: cuddling, spooning, holding... there are fake hugs, hugs w/ taps on the back that's like saying "enough hugging pal", hugs that rock sideways (these are awesome), w/ rubs on the back... as long as they're honest n you mean it, it's all good.

So don't know what's my point cuz I don't really have one. So I guess that's it... hope you liked it. Don't forget to check Madeleine's blog, she's got a new post n go to Tyler's blog too, he's a good guy who's asking for our help. Thanks Mikey for everything, this was fun. N I really hope someday we can all meet n, what the heck, hug.
guest contributor
P.S: This is a painting by a famous Brazilian artist, Romero Britto, called "The Hug"

Thursday, October 7, 2010


hockey season has officially started here. you can tell by the bags under my eyes and the freshmen who consistently talk bout how theyre on the team. oi. i never know what to say bout that. i didnt flaunt my hockey career (mainly cuz i never did anything awesome... but neither did they) and i still dont. its odd. yeah. between morning practices and workout sessions im pretty wiped. but you gotta do work to get work done (tantology, anyone?).

so. what you all give a damn about- boys. irish is lookin pretty good right now... but hes an alcohomo... so i gotta do some work with him before i can get anything. breaking peoples misconceptions about homo is harder than convincing that fat girl who cries a lot that shes really attractive. dont get me wrong, mikey can do it- but mikey needs to stop talking in the third person first. i either need hours alone with him or copious amounts of alcohol. the latter, even in this age, is easier. ill have to hit him up after he comes home from a party. easily done. i always see him wrestling with himself- especially bout hanging out with me. he knows im a 'mo, and hes kinda awk bout it. i gave him an amazing massage- but then he "had to leave" i think he meant to say "was embarrassed he had a boner"... w/e. i know he'll come crawling back. its how guys work. im like a siren. except for how this is all proably just a dream sequence.

my next point- how often do you get your hopes up bout a guy only to realize he, for one reason or another, doesnt think its right to be with you? you ever been there? i seem to attract closet-dwellers(hot ones, at that) only to realize they live so far in the closet they couldn't turn the doorknob if they tried. that ever happened to you? howd it turn out? you ever do a deep closet rescue?