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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


You guys remember eirey (irish boy) from the summertime? lets just say i may have brought him to the dark side. im 18 now, so i suppose i can talk bout my sexcapades. he was giving me a ride home, and we talked about girls and sex and stuff- i decided to tell him how unattractive my school is in the gay male department- he just nodded and kept driving. sadly i got out of the car feeling sad having lost another opportunity. the end.

oh wait. no its not. so- all of a sudden he has some tutoring he needs to go to, but i could save him money if we just talk about his work at my place. we go in. he talks about how amazing my bed is. i jump over onto it. he follows. i flip him over and kiss him. i moved downward. we kept going till he was done- then he left quickly so he wouldnt have to do anything for me. shitty luck. but mikey's pretty damn addictive. i expect to see him around again... and again... and again.

peace, love... more love.


  1. *laugh* So long as it's consensual. Just make sure this sort of thing doesn't come back to bite you. I know I've had sex with more than a few "straight" guys - all of whom "went straight" again when we stopped (for varying reasons). I attribute it to Kinsey 6's, guys who are almost exclusively straight except for that one guy they find really attractive.

  2. Didn't know you were back,Kinda blows he wasn't willing to return the favor, has happened to me a couple of times. Oh well, they said it's better to give than receive.haha. Speaking of getting fucked over, Hawks loose by a blatantly ilLegal goal last night? wtf.

  3. wow....
    service with a smile....

    ~ cheers....

  4. So I take it Irish eyes were smiling when you were doing this? So wait was the class he was having trouble in sex ed? Is your guys code word now going to be tutoring?
    Mikey: "Hey wanna come to my house for some tutoring?"
    Irish: "Sure haven't gotten tutored in awhile"

  5. oh. im sure it will be pots. tutoring real hard. and it was english... so yeah. thank god that teacher is failing him. and austin- maybe youre just attractive... how bout that. dave- it is better to give than recieve, but id rather have both.

  6. You went MIA again, too much time "tutoring" eirey?